ICSEMD 2021 Guest Speaker

Prof Emily
Name: Emily Chiang, PhD
Current Position: Associate Professor
Institution: University of Guelph Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Speech Title:

Enhanced Rock Weathering for Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Applications


There is a global commitment to reduce GHG emissions, and carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) is seen as an essential strategy for reducing CO2 emissions. Long-term atmospheric CO2 sequestration can be made possible through weathering of calcium silicates and magnesium silicates because the released Ca2+ and Mg2+ are precipitated as soil inorganic carbonates. Calcium- and magnesium-rich alkaline silicate minerals, when applied to soil, can aid in carbon dioxide sequestration via enhanced weathering. In addition, the co-benefits of these alkaline silicate minerals soil amendment on CO2 sequestration and improved crop yield are observed. These would encourage producers to effectively use these minerals to contribute toward global climate change mitigation without compromising their produce.


Dr. Emily Chiang is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph. Her expertise portfolio includes mineral carbon sequestration, waste valorization and environmental remediation. Her work includes the formation of pedogenic carbonates in soils, the effects of soil amendment on plant growth and yield, the role of plants in soil weathering reactions, as well as phytoremediation of pesticide-contaminated soils, and reduction of nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils.