ICSEMD 2021 Keynote Speaker

Prof. Hassan Marwan
Prof. Hassan Marwan

Name: Marwan Hassan, PhD
Current Position: Professor
Institution: University of Guelph Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Speech Title:

Integrating Sustainability in Engineering: Prediction and Reduction Vibration-Related Degradation in Structures in the Canadian Nuclear Energy Sector


Climate change is one of the most important issues our world faces in this century. Energy production is a major contributor to the CO2 emission which contributes significantly to global warming. This threat has mounted a great pressure on governments and energy producers to explore cleaner and sustainable alternatives. In order, to meet the target of reducing green-house gases while meeting energy demands, several actions need to be applied simultaneously. These options include develop economically feasible renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal; increase the efficiency in current electricity generation; and expand on the use of nuclear power. Nuclear energy production has one of the highest energy densities, availability, and one of the lowest carbon emission. However, safety of the nuclear energy production is a major concern that needs to be addressed. This lecture focuses on the reliability aspect of the nuclear components. While reactor safety includes many aspects, the safety of a nuclear reactor pivots on structural integrity of the components. Many of these structural components such as nuclear fuel and steam generator tube bundles are subjected to high energy fluid flow which induced vibrations that could compromise the structural integrity. Methods of analyzing the structural integrity of these components will be covered in this lecture.


Dr. Marwan Hassan is a professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Guelph, Canada. Professor Hassan received his B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Helwan University, Egypt, 1990, his MSc. from Tuskegee University, USA in 1995, and his Ph. D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University in 2000. He also worked as a Professor in Mechanical engineering at the University of New Brunswick, Canada.  He developed and taught several graduate courses covering Flow-Induced Vibrations, Nonlinear, Finite element Analysis, and Advanced Dynamics and Noise. 

Professor Hassan is a member of several prestigious societies such as the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineers, the Canadian Nuclear Society, and the American Society for Mechanical Engineers.  He has over 20 years of experience in the area of flow-induced vibrations and finite element analysis. He was involved in investigating several nuclear power plants in Canada and around the world and worked with nuclear industrial partners such as The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, the Atomic Energy Canada Ltd, and Ontario Power Generation. Examples of his involvement with the nuclear industries include investigating the reliability of the steam generators of the Bruce Nuclear Power Station, modelling of the tube bundles in the steam generators of the Darlington Nuclear power plants, and the fuel bundle assessments of the CANDU reactors. Dr. Hassan has been a member and chair of the international fluid-structure interaction and nuclear power plant scientific committee.  Dr. Hassan has published over 100 research papers in prestigious journals and symposia and trained over 50 engineers in the area of nuclear power plant component design.

In 2012, Dr. Hassan received the American Society for mechanical engineers (ASME) Editor’s Choice Award for outstanding paper for Pressure Vessel Technology (PVT). This award is only offered once a year for outstanding technical research that contributes to the design, analysis and development of pressure vessel components and their applications in nuclear power plants.